About Us and Our Work

shutterstock_131191610We've been working on the app development for over a year and half and we're just getting started!   V2 opens many doors for more effective communication and dialogue.

At Equity Maps® we believe that true collaboration is possible when diverse groups of people come together in dialogue to inquire, create, problem solve, and innovate!

Equity Maps app has been tried and tested by teachers, facilitators, administrators, business start-ups and instructional coaches to provide a dynamic way to increase reflection and affect change.   As a history teacher and National Facilitator, the founder of Equity Maps continues to discover ways to increase involvement and improve dialogue, not only in the classroom but also in his outreach with professional development.

With the testing of V1 & V2 of Equity Maps iPad app, teachers found numerous ways to use the app in their classrooms-- most notably to monitor and facilitate Socratic Seminars and Literature Circles among students.  Teachers who specialize in Harkness* discussions are now also picking up this app and providing us some great ideas!

Instructional Coaches have used the app to provide valuable data to teachers, bringing a fresh look at the flow of teachers' lessons, and providing descriptive data about the overall involvement of the students in classes.

Finally, within our Critical Friends Group® work and within our Collaborative Learning Communities ( a type of Professional Learning Community), the app has not only brought new insights into the debriefing sessions but has also provided a valuable recording tool, allowing the user to review the numerous suggestions that were presented without stress of writing everything down in the process.

Critical Friends Group® is a registered trademark of the National School Reform Faculty, NSRF®

*Equity Maps has been developed completely independent of Phillips Exeter Academy and is not affiliated in any way with the academy.

Dave Nelson, Founder

EM Founder Dave 2Dave Nelson is the founder Equity Maps® and is motivated by 27 years of experience in education.  Throughout his career he has devised methods to increase involvement, invite engagement and facilitate equitable dialogue both within the classroom and among professionals.  Dave Nelson is an accredited International Facilitator/ Trainer for the National School Reform Faculty® (NSRF) in Bloomington, Indiana and specializes in collaborative structures and work in Critical Friends Group® processes.  He conducts collaborative trainings all over the world, helping teachers to create their own Critical Friends Group® communities.  Dave Nelson is also the Coordinator for Professional Development and growth at the American Community School of Athens, Greece, where he also teaches history.


George Sachpatzidis, Software Engineer

EM Software Engineer George 2George is a Software Engineer and Solutions Architect, specializing in agile methods and practices. He has independently joined in the development of Equity Maps® and as with all of his projects, George focuses on collaboration as a means to more effective solutions. George has a deep understanding of cloud architectures and broad experience in software development. The past five years, George has designed and developed several successful iOS applications. Currently, as R&D Manager at leading Greek software firm, he is leading a cross-functional team of software engineers towards the development of innovative products. Moreover, since 2014 he is co-founder and solution architect at justphonebook.com.  In his spare time, George enjoys working on his own projects developing and publishing iOS applications, while also contributing to several open source projects. Finally, he is attending a part-time MSc for working professionals at the University of Oxford.