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No need for separate student accounts!

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Ideal for...

Socratic Seminars

Spider Web Discussions™

Lit Circles

 Harkness discussions*


Critical Friends Group® work

Professional Learning Communities (PLCs)

Strategic Planning




Collaborative Meetings

Classroom Observations

Lesson Study


Instructional Coaching

Faculty Dialogue

Peer Observations


Powerful Features to Deepen Reflection & Growth

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Equity Maps Standard Version GO!
Download Standard version for only $1.99

Essential features to map your discussions

Map up to 20 students

With non-binary & enhanced feedback frames

Equity Maps Premium Version GO!
All Standard Features plus + much more!

Only $9.99 (In US App Store) - Still no subscription needed with v 3

Map up to 40 students per class!

Checknotes to track contributions -17 Templates, CSV Export


Identity Markers to measure participation by group:

Customize by age, grade, language level, race, etc.

Take notes & leave feedback during the discussion

Comments attach to the speaker

Improved Feedback frames / Include/Exclude Data

Import class lists from .txt file and save time!

Customize your layouts with adjustable tables!

CSV Export

Volume Purchase Program for schools (VPP)



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