Standard Version

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Quickly set-up your class or meeting

Add up to 20 participants per group

“Playback”  the interactions in real time or fast forward

Option to play audio of each participant

Additional Features:

Feedback frames with data & analytics to drive reflection:

Time & Frequency spoken for all participants

Gender equity in the class or group

Overall meeting participation equity reported as “Equity Factors”

Save class and groups for easy access and “mapping”

Premium Version

All Standard Features plus +

Add up to 40 participants per group

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+ CheckNotes to track the types of contributions of each student or participant

+ Choose from among 14 CheckNote templates:

Socratic Seminars, Common Core Speaking & Listening, Text based discussions, Spider Web Discussions™, & many more!

+ Create your own custom Checknote templates

+ Access Expanded Data in the Feedback frames

 + New...Export data to a CSV file to track over time using Excel or Numbers

+ Access to all future premium updates through at least  v 3.0

+ Stand-alone Premium app available with the Volume Purchase Program (VPP) discount for schools

+ Create adjustable tables for custom classroom seating

Download the Premium for only $9.99

Above All

Thanks for supporting the development of a super cool tool ...

created by Teachers & for Teachers and their Students

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