Equity Maps iPad app

v (2.3.1)- (2.4) Descriptions

Provide faster and more effective feedback for your students

Effortlessly trace and assess your students’ interaction, performance, and involvement

Use in your class discussions, Socratic Seminars, Lit Circles, Harkness* style discussions, Spider Web Discussions™, AP Seminar classes, & anytime students/colleagues collaborate.

How equitable is the participation in your group or class?

Chart Use

Is everyone sharing air-time?

Is someone with many ideas a little too quiet?


Someone can't keep quiet?

Is the teacher doing most of the talking?


All NEW Checknotes....

 Track the nature of your students' contributions

Choose from among fourteen templates!

Export data to CSV file for viewing in Excel or Numbers

Equity Maps iPad app-- designed with educators & facilitators in mind!  Chart & record the interaction of students or colleagues to graphically illustrate levels of participation and types of contributions made by each student or participant. The instant analytics & animated playback at multiple speeds will engage participants in deeper reflection!

  • Provide faster and more effective feedback for your students!
  • Effortlessly trace and assess your students’ interaction, performance, and involvement with Equity Maps iPad app: class discussions, Socratic Seminars or anytime students collaborate to solve problems.

Encourage equitable dialogue, promote wider collaboration, engage students, and nurture reflection of teachers and students alike.  Classroom discussions, meeting debriefings, and post-observations will never be the same again!

Let the group members, students or teachers see for themselves!  As one teacher commented, "It's like putting the class members or meeting participants in a mirror and asking them what they think about what they see!"


Deepen the success of your Socratic Seminars, Spider Web Discussions, Literature Circles, Harkness* style discussions, discussion circles or full classroom discussions;

— Promote student involvement and self-reflection;

— Assess classroom engagement or individual student participation.

*Equity Maps has been developed completely independent of Phillips Exeter Academy and is not affiliated in any way with the academy.


Encourage deeper reflection of your group’s goals and processes:

• Critical Friends Group® coaches and facilitators (CFG work);

• Professional Learning Communities (PLCs);

• Collaborative groups and committees.


— Provide teachers an “image” of their classroom instruction like they’ve never seen before!

— Revitalize reflective practices for teachers while reducing anxiety of a post-observation meetings;

— Make your classroom observations truly more meaningful and reflective;

Gather data for more effective classroom post-observation meetings.

v 2.3.1 Equity Maps iPad app STANDARD FEATURES:

Customize the class layout in “class mode” —circles or semicircles;

Quickly set-up your class or meeting with up to 20 participants per group;

• “Playback” of the interactions among participants in real time or fast forward;

• Option to play audio of each participant;

  • Provides key statistics for the teacher, students or group members to consider:

• View Feedback frames with data and analytics to drive reflection;

• Time and Frequency spoken for all participants;

• Gender equity in the class or group;

• Overall meeting participation equity reported as “Equity Factors”;

• Save class and groups for easy access and “mapping”;

v 2.4 Equity Maps iPad app PREMIUM FEATURES:

All of the Standard Features PLUS +

Add up to 40 participants per group;

• Use the CheckNotes to track the types of contributions by each student;

• Choose from among 14 CheckNote templates including Socratic Seminars, Common Core Speaking and Listening, Text based discussions, Spider Web Discussions, and many more!

Access Expanded Data in the Feedback frames;

• New!  Export data to a CSV file to track over time using Excel or Numbers;

• Access to all future premium updates through at least  v 3.0;

Stand-alone Premium app available with the Volume Purchase Program (VPP) discount for schools;

Coming soon.. create adjustable tables for custom classroom seating;


At Equity Maps we believe that true collaboration is possible only when diverse groups of people come together in dialogue to inquire, create, problem solve, and innovate!

Show your students/colleagues rather than tell them!

Promoting dialogue, collaboration, & reflection in learning

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*Equity Maps has been developed completely independent of Phillips Exeter Academy and is not affiliated in any way with the academy.