How do I create a class or group list?

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Create Class Lists that you can easily import for any lesson, meeting or group activity:

Part I-  Create your class list:

  • Go to the main menu of Equity Maps and tap “Create a New Map”.
  • Create a name for the class (for example ‘Block 4 History’) and enter all of the students by gender.

Part II-  Import at anytime from your Class List:

  • Each time you hold a Socratic Seminar, discussion, class, or group activity, go to main menu and tap “Create a New Map”;
  • Create a Name for that day’s activity and select the room layout, or the Yellow Class for open seating; Tap Done.
  • Select, “Import from an Existing Group”;
  • Select the class name to import-  (for example ‘Block 4 History)
  • Slide the day’s participants into place from the class icons at the bottom;
  • Long-tap on students to adjust some of the icon colors according to their clothes, to make the mapping even easier;
  • Tap Done and You’re ready to map the group!

By setting up the participants ahead of time, you can easily create groups or map specific lessons.

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