How do I choose a CheckNote Template?

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*Available in the Premium Version

Choose a CheckNote Template or Create your own:

  1. From the main menu tap “Create a New Map” or “Map Existing Group”.
  2. Select the existing group, or if this is your first group, add a group name, choose a layout, and tap “Continue”.  (Hint, the yellow classroom layout will allow you to freely place participants anywhere on the screen.)
  3. Tap “Done” to enter the mapping screen.
  4. BEFORE you begin mapping, tap the blue settings icon in the upper right corner
  5. Tap “CheckNote Template” and the list will appear.
  6. Tap “View/Edit” to view the characteristics of each template or to edit your desired template.
  7. Once you’ve selected the template you want to use, tap “Back” and you will be prompted with the following:
  8. “Would you like this as your default CheckNote template?  YES/NO”
  9. Tap “Yes” and that CheckNote template will be included with all future groups until you edit the existing template or select a new template.
  10. Tap “Close” and you are ready to start your class or meeting!

To learn more about how to edit or create your own template, click <HERE>

Sample CheckNote Template  (Socratic Seminar):

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